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What Are The Options To Recover Data From A Salvaged Hard Disk Drive

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If you’ve got an old or salvaged IDE or SATA hard disk drive and you need to recover some data from it then there are several options open to you. They are all easy to use and are certainly worth considering before you pay huge sums of money to data recovery specialists.

Hard Drive Cases (also know as caddys or enclosures)

Hard Drive cases are a great solution because they provide physical protection to any hard disk drive that’s installed in the case as well as allowing you to connect to the hard drive and recover the data from the hard disk.

Hard drive cases as the name suggests are metal (normally aluminium) cases that completely encase the bare hard disk drive. Inside the case is either an IDE connector and ribbon interface or SATA connector (it will vary depending of the type of hard drive you have and whether you buy an IDE or SATA HDD case). The HDD case will typically connect to your PC via USB but cases with Firewire and e-SATA interfaces are also available.

All Hard Drive enclosures come with leads to connect the case to the PC. Smaller cases designed for use with hard disks from a laptop will be USB BUS powered but larger cases are all supplied with an external power supply.

The only real downside of the hard drive cases is that they are not designed for “popping” hard drives in and out quickly. Inside the case the hard disk drive will be held in place by four screws and then the case itself is usually secured with at least two more screws.  So, if you’re an engineer and you test lots of different hard drive cable kit solution or a hard disk docking station might be a better bet.

Hard Disk Drive Docking Stations:

Hard Disk Drive Docking Stations are relatively new but they have already proven to be very popular technicians and engineers alike because they make testing multiple hard disk drives a piece of cake! The hard disk drives are simply pushed in to the docking station. There are no screws or connections to mess with so you can be recovering data or just checking that the hard drives work in a couple of seconds.

You do need to buy a docking station for either IDE/ATA hard disks OR SATA hard disks. There are no universal docking stations on the market that cover both interface types but they do work with different physical size versions of the same standard. So, an IDE docking station will work with 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard disk drives but not SATA and likewise a SATA docking station will work with 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA hard disk drives but not IDE/ATA drives.

USB to IDE & SATA HDD Cable Kits:

One of the simplest and most popular products for recovering data from hard disks drives is a universal USB to IDE/SATA cable kit.

These kits are supplied with a range of USB and SATA cables plus a switching power supply unit that allows you to connect pretty much any hard disk drive to a PC via USB 2.0. The USB to IDE and SATA cable kit support hard drives from laptops (2.5″ HDD’s) and desktops (3.5″ HDD).  Its true flexibility is that it will also support IDE/ATA hard disk drives and the newer SATA (Serial-ATA) hard disk drives. Additionally these kits work on all the obvious operating systems including VISTA and Windows 7. So pretty much every flavour of hard drive, every size and every operating system is supported.

Whichever solution you use you will need to make sure if you’re using an IDE/ATA hard disk drive that its set to “master” on the jumper settings. When the hard disk is connected to your PC it will be allocated a new drive letter automatically and will then work pretty much like  USB flash drives.

Compared to the high cost of employing a professional data recovery expert these options are relatively inexpensive.

The best thing to do with a Hard Disk Drive recovered from an old PC

If. like many people you’ve got several old PC’s at home or work that are “past their sell by date” and are gathering dust in the corner then perhaps its time to strip our the hard disk drive from the PC, recover any useful data and then “breath new life” into the recovered hard drive by popping it into a Hard Disk Enclosure and creating a new handy back-up solition for yourself.

With the range of hard drive cases (often also referred to as Hard Drive Caddy’s or Hard Drive Enclosures) its really simple to do. Irrespective of whether you are taking a Hard Disk Drive from a laptop PC, a Desktop PC or whether the Hard Disk is one of the older style IDE HDD’s or a comparatively new SATA Hard Drive there is a Hard Disk Enclosure available for you.

Once you’ve removed the hard disk drive from the PC (desktop PC hard drives will normally be held in place by 4 screws to the side of the Hard Drive) just check on the label affixed to the top of the Hard Drive to determine if its an IDE or SATA type. IDE Hard Drives are pretty easy to spot as they have 2 rows of 20 pins wheras SATA Hard Disks just have two solid black connectors.

Having identified which size hard drive you have (2.5″ hard drives come from latops and 3.5″ hard disk drives from Desktops and Towers) and having determined if its a SATA or IDE Hard Drive you then simply need to choose the right size/type of Hard Disk Drive Enclosure. If you need help then USBNow has an excellent selection of Hard Drive Enclosures for all types and sizes of Hard Disk Drives.

Installation of the Hard Disk Drive in the Caddy should be pretty straight forward. Normally there will be a couple of screws on the Hard Disk Drive Enclosure that you’ll have to remove to gain access to the internal compartment and connectors.using a couple of screws (supplied) to secure the Hard Drive in position inside the caddy and then re-sealing the unit.

With the Hard Drive safely installed in the Caddy then power up the unit (3.5″ enclosures will come with a mains power adapter wheras 2.5″ caddy’s tend to draw all their power from the USB connection – handy as you don’t need to take any power supply with you).

With power running to the Hard Drive enclosure you should be able to feel the hard disk spinning inside the case – this is a good sign as it suggests all is well. At this stage you can connect the HDD enclosure to your PC using the supplied USB leads (some Hard Drive Enclosures can also be connected via Firewire or eSATA but USB continues to be the most popular)

With the Hard Drive Enclosure powered up and connected to the PC you should get that comforting “ping” that your PC has recognised new hardware being connected. Give it a few seconds and then if all is well the Hard Drive will be allocated a drive letter by your PC and you’ll then be able to see the contents of the Hard Disk just as you can do with your normal “C:” drive.

With all installed and working OK you can now use the Hard Drive inside the caddy to recover data from the installed hard disk drive and to copy and back up new data as well. If you’re using a smaller 2.5″ HDD inside an enclosure then you’ll have the benefit of being to take the unit around with you because you’ll have created your own portable back up solution.

So for relatively little cost and effort you can breath new life into a hard disk drive that in all likelihood was going to be scrapped.

Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08626KU: Don’t resist!

The new Lenovo laptop comes equipped with many high-end features such as the Core I7 processor NVIDIA GeForce Graphics, 8GB of memory integrated Bluetooth and more.

When you want a laptop, which provides high graphics, then consider Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08626KU as one of your choices.

lenovo laptop Y570 08626KU

Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08626KU   Introduction   Many people usually want a laptop to perform basic computing tasks. However, laptops are also bought for entertainment purposes, including gami   When you want to experience rich entertainment, then include Lenovo Ideapad Y570 08626KU, as one of your options. Because you will get superior multimedia performance, along with high graphics on this Lenovo Ideapad Y570.   Design   You will find the design to be elegant and chic, with a cool two-tone look.

Specifications   Powered by second generation Intel Core processor, employing Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 and 8 GB of RAM, you can ensure efficient multitasking on this particular laptop. Using VIDIA® GeForce® GT555M Discrete Graphics, this laptop will provide high graphics to you on the screen. Windows 7 Home Premium also allows for easy usage and easy navigation around the laptop. 750 GB of Hard Drive enables you to store large amounts of information on this small laptop and your information can always be carried around, wherever you take the laptop.

The battery life, without power is quite low, running up to around 3.5 hours, but perhaps it is because of the heavy graphics that the laptop employs.   You will get enhanced and crisp audio quality, using one-touch audio-visual settings with OneKey Theatre II, and SRS Premium Sound and JBL designed speakers will make sure that you always have a good entertainment experience. Lenovo OneyKey Rescue System also makes certain of the fact that you always have easy data back up and recovery.   Integrated microphone and built-in webcam of around 2.0 megapixels also makes sure that you can always remain in touch with your friends. Integrated Bluetooth, Wireless Wi-Fi, and LAN, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 and 6-in-1 media card reader complete all the connectivity options. Additionally, you can always watch movies and listen to songs, using the integrated DVD reader/writer.   Additionally, it has certain features designed for extra security. VeriFace Facial Recognition Technology makes sure that your face is the password for getting into the computer. Software supports multiple faces, but you can always know who has tried to enter into your computer, if the person is unauthorized.   AccuType Style keyboard, and the Islands having a concave button enable greater accuracy, and faster typing speed with less errors, in a more ergonomic way.

This laptop also comes with Turbo boost technology this will enable your laptop to start up faster, and also superb audio quality courtesy of the SRS premium sound through the JBL designed speakers.
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Laptop Screen Freezes

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Laptop Screen Freezes

Laptop screen freezes can be an infuriating problem, especially since it can be a persistent yet inconsistent problem, which makes it terribly difficult to diagnose. Sending your computer back to Dell or taking your Toshiba to the local repair shop to fix ‘my laptop screen freezes’ can become an ‘adventure’ that requires far more time and money than is worthwhile to you.

However, that’s not to say that you should just abandon your problems and buy a new laptop. In fact, we have a lot of experience helping users overcome their problems, from laptop screen freezes when adding a printer to laptop screen freezing in cold weather. We’ve seen it all, so before you give up on ‘my laptop screen freezes,’ read this mini-guide, and try to apply these most common solutions.


When a laptop overheats enough, it will crash, and that crash can result in shutdowns, reboots or laptop screen freezes. If you believe overheating is an issue, monitor CPU temperature. Clear and regularly clean all vents, and avoid obstructive surfaces, such as your lap or bed. You should also clean the internal fan monthly. These fans are generally easily accessible right at the bottom of the laptop. Use a cotton swab, and be careful not to free spin the fan, which can damage the bearing.

Cold Weather Can Cause Laptop Screen Freezes

When we think of laptop freezes, we tend to think of heat not a laptop screen freezing in cold weather. The important thing to understand is that a laptop screen freezing in cold weather is not actually occurring because of the cold but rather the condensation. Without realizing it, users often experience this phenomenon when they leave their laptop in the car overnight during the winter. The laptop gets very cold. When it powers up, the laptop parts heat at different intervals. So you have very hot and very cold, which cause condensation, which causes shorts and freezes. Let the laptop warm to room temperature before turning it on.

Missing or Corrupt Drivers

Corrupt and missing drives can cause a computer to behave oddly. Laptop screen freezes are common. A common occurrence is when the laptop screen freezes when adding a printer. If you have a problem with laptop screen freezes when adding a printer, you can generally rectify the situation by preinstalling the newest driver version. For other driver problems, especially corrupt drives, consider using the System Restore feature in Windows to roll back prior to the problem. For precise driver issues, uninstall the offending driver, and then reinstall the newest version.

A Video Card Could Be The Source Of Laptop Screen Freezes

If ‘my laptop screen freezes’ occur due to a video problem, it is generally the video card or the cable that connects the video card to the screen rather than the LCD screen itself. The first thing you should do is install the newest video drivers. If you’re using Windows XP or an older OS, then you’ll want to use a driver removal tool first in order to avoid the possibility of all conflicts.

If that does not cure the problem, then you’ll need to open the laptop in order to access the video card. The first thing we want to do is clear the fan, much as we did with the central cooling fan. In fact, you may be able to perform both operations at the same time. Next, check the ribbon cable that runs between the video card and the LCD screen. Ensure that it is firmly seated at both ends and that it is not crimped.

At this point, it may be best to put it into the hands of a professional because it involves trial and error and hardware that the casual user probably does not have. If the problem is the ribbon cable that connects the video card to the LCD screen, this is a rather inexpensive repair. However, if it something else, the expense is generally not worth it unless it is a particularly high-end computer.

Hard Drives

Hard drives can be major culprits of poor performance, and this is especially true on laptops where users are dealing with smaller drives. The key to optimal hard drive performance is free disk space. In fact, you should maintain at least 20% on both mechanical hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). Mechanical drives, however, can achieve even greater performance by having even more free space. Many power users use 50% capacity as a cue to upgrade, although upgrading a laptop isn’t simple.

In order to preserve as much space as possible, stay on top of what’s on there. Most people don’t pay attention, but if you uninstall programs and delete files you no longer use, you’ll likely have plenty of space to have a peak performance drive. The other tools you should use are S.M.A.R.T (for both HDDs and SDDs), and CHKDSK and a disk defragmenter (for HDDs).

S.M.A.R.T. is a diagnostics tool built into all modern hard drives that allows them to report to the BIOS. By checking in on a monthly basis, you can normally see problems coming before they strike. CHKDSK is a tool that finds, repairs and, if necessary, hides bad sectors on the disk surface. Disk defragmentation is a process of keeping files physically and logically centrally located so that the disk can perform as fast and efficiently as possible.

Bad Memory

Especially on new laptops, spontaneous screen freezes can happen because of memory errors due to bad physical memory. This is not, however, the type of problem that occurs over time. Also, most laptop manufacturers stress test the configuration before shipping, so this is a rare issue. You can determine if memory is the issue by using memory-testing software. However, if you have a new laptop that is prone to spontaneous freezes, you are best off returning it to the dealer or manufacturer immediately.

Viruses, Spyware and Other Software Issues

Viruses and spyware can make computer systems highly unstable because they often cause them to operate with their resources maxed at all times. With resources maxed, there is little room for error, and then Windows and other operating systems become prone to crashes that can freeze the computer. For Windows users, Microsoft provides software for the prevention and removal of viruses and spyware. If these do not work, you may want to use a restore disk, restore point or reinstallation of Windows.

Laptop Keeps Freezing

So you’ve had your laptop for a little while and everything was great but recently your laptop keeps freezing. The battery lasted for hours, you got your work done, and it was reliable. It was one of the best investments you ever made- that is, until your laptop keeps freezing up on you. Overnight your laptop goes from streamlined and smooth to frustrating and unreliable. What happened? Well, it could be a couple of things, honestly, and the only way to find out is to do a little work and find out yourself.

The first, and easiest, thing to check is if your laptop’s overheating. Try running your laptop and opening the system setup at boot time- usually by hitting F2 at the prompt. Just let it run for a little while. If your laptop keeps freezing and not responding here, chances are high it’s an overheating problem.

Overheating can be caused by something as little as having the air vents clogged by dust or lint, or a stopped up fan. You can clean the exhaust ports and fans with a vacuum cleaner, Q-Tips, or a cotton swab. Please don’t forget to unplug your computer and ground yourself before sticking objects inside the case- attempting to do anything more detailed than wiping a dry rag could result in you electrocuting yourself. In the future, try to keep your laptop on a hard, flat, clean surface. This ensures a good airflow through the vents on the bottom of your laptop and helps prevent more junk from getting to your laptop’s innards causing your laptop to keep freezing.

If your laptop keeps freezing up and you’ve already cleaned it, it could very well be that you have insufficient memory for what you’re trying to accomplish. Most laptops, in order to extend battery life and reduce cost and weight, have limited memory. Try closing your most demanding programs and reducing the amount of programs you have running at once. You might have to open Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete and close some of them manually- but be careful! Closing necessary system tasks can cause your computer to crash or restart.

If it’s not the memory and it’s not overheating, it could be a problem with your drivers. Video card drivers are notoriously picky with laptops, and a misconfigured driver can cause a lot of performance problems. Check with your laptop manufacturer’s website or use a third party “Driver Scanner” tool to make sure you’re using the drivers your manufacturer recommends. If your laptop keeps freezing Vista, this could very well be the problem.

If Your Laptop Keeps Freezing – It’s Registry Might Need Cleaned

Another relatively common problem is of a cluttered or damaged registry. Let’s say that you’ve found some cool little program that you really can’t live without, so you install it. A little bit later you realize that you didn’t need it as bad as all that, so you click the uninstaller and go about your merry way… right? Well, not exactly. More than likely, there are still multiple registry entries pointing to the program you uninstalled, things that the uninstaller just won’t get at. It’s not necessarily malicious- some programs save settings in case you reinstall them, and some are just a little lazy.

Regardless of why your registry is cluttered, though, your laptop will keep hanging up and not responding unless you can get a good, free registry cleaner from a trusted download source like Cnet.com. I wouldn’t recommend editing the registry files yourself, even if you’re familiar with other advanced computer topics. It’s easy to accidentally change the wrong value in a series, and have possibly damaging effects on the entire system. Your computer’s registry is the one place where you can’t afford to learn by trial and error.

The most dire reason why your laptop keeps hanging up is the possibility of a virus, spyware, or other malware. Viruses are increasingly complex and intelligent, with multiple tricky ways to get themselves onto your system and cause problems. Various free and paid solutions exist to scan and disinfect your system, but make sure to download it from a trusted source and use a known virus scanner. Some malware comes masquerading as legitimate software, and once installed it can be extremely difficult to remove. Make sure that in the future to have scheduled virus scanning on your computer and to ensure that your firewall is up and working to try and minimize your personal risk of infection.

Corrupt Operating System Files Could Be Why Your Laptop Keeps Freezing

Lastly, if your laptop keeps freezing, your operating system files themselves could be corrupted. Usually caused by a virus, or other malicious software, this generally requires you to perform a system repair or even to reinstall your operating system! Try Windows Repair first and see what happens. If it doesn’t help and you’ve tried all the other steps, you’ll have no choice but to reinstall your operating system. Take note that this will delete every bit of data on your computer, so back up what you can onto an external hard drive or another computer, pop in the disks you got when you bought the laptop (you did save those, right?), and wipe the whole system. It’ll take time for your operating system to reinstall but if it really is the corrupted system files, you’ll have your laptop back to practically new in no time at all.

So remember, the same symptom can be caused by many problems. It could be something as simple as clogged air vents, or something as time-consuming as reinstalling your operating system. The only real way to tell is through testing and fixing every possible problem, unless you know exactly what the problem is. Hopefully this article helped you have more trial and less error, and you’ll be able to solve your problem without too much stress!
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5 Things to Consider Before Buying A Laptop Computer Backpack

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Laptop computer backpack plays an important role to prevent your laptop from any damage. Laptop computer backpack provides a space for your laptop so your laptop will be covered. This way, it is almost possible to make any scratch on your laptop accidently.

Laptop computer backpack also makes you easier to move your laptop from one place to another. Therefore, laptop computer backpack is a must have accessories for laptop owners.

However, choosing one among hundreds of laptop computer backpack is not an easy thing to do. There are few things need to be considered before buying any laptop computer backpack. I will discuss five things you need to consider before buying a laptop computer backpack.

First, you need to pay attention on the size of your laptop. Get the exact size laptop computer backpack for your laptop. This way, you can make sure that your laptop saves.

The hard drive of laptop is the most critical part you need to be aware of. If you fail to get the exact size you will notice that the laptop will be bouncing around. This is bad for your hard drive.

The style of the laptop computer backpack is the next important thing. Never buy things you do not love. You will have to make sure that you love the style of it.

Match with your need. If you are a businessman, you should look for the suitable laptop computer backpack which will suit your daily activity such as Targus RG0322 5.4 Matrix Notebook Backpack Fits up to 15.4-Inch Screens (Metallic Black) or if you are a college student you should consider DAKINE CAMPUS LAPTOP BACKPACK, S BLACK 8130-056. You should not wear a sporty laptop computer backpack if you are required to wear formal outfit at your work.

Get the best bargain. Price is the next important thing you need to consider. You should find the best bargain over the net. Get to the site like Amazon or Yahoo shopping. You will get lots of inspirations and maybe you can get a great deal there.

Brand is also important. If you are a brand-minded person, brand is the first consideration you might think of before deciding to buy your laptop computer backpack. You might consider Victorinox Werks Traveler 2.0 Digital Pack Laptop Daypack 32361 as your option. This is ok. Moreover, you need to budget more money if you plan to buy branded laptop computer backpack.

Laptop Sound Card

Technology today is really becoming more and more advanced.

All you would need right now to transform your living room into one amazing theatre is a good laptop sound card. Complement this with a great speaker system and you have everything that you need to enjoy all your favorite songs and albums. But before you choose a complete speaker system for your laptop computer, you have to know about some of its specifications. The following is a list of four things that you have to know about your laptop sound card before spending your money on a speaker system.


You always have to think about the version. You have to decide if you want to get the latest version of sound card that is available in the market. It isn’t a smart idea to buy the cheapest one that you find. You may discover that the same company or manufacturer is selling different models at varying prices. Also remember to check if the latest version of the sound card you are purchasing is supported by your laptop.

Compatibility Issue

This brings us to the next consideration. You have to be sure that the laptop sound card you’re spending your money on is supported by your machine. There are different types of sound cards in the market built for different purposes. Some of them can be handled by the motherboard currently in your laptop while others cannot. This is perhaps the most important consideration when buying a new sound card, or any other laptop hardware for that matter.

If you are not sure about the specifications of your motherboard or the compatibility, it is best to consult with a technician. You can contact the customer support of your laptop’s manufacturer or you can bring it to a store for a technician to inspect it. Always remember to check compatibility. If not, you may end up wasting your money.


Again, sound cards are not always the same as another. One laptop sound card may offer you certain features but another may offer other features and functions. One particular feature that you might want to look out for is the MIDI enabled function. This allows you to connect a musical instrument to your laptop to convert it into digital audio.

The functions and features to consider all depend on your needs and wants. Be sure to know what you want before buying.


Brand is another important consideration. Some brands really are better compared to others in terms of quality. On the other hand, some brands offer cheaper prices than others at the cost of the product’s durability. When choosing which brand to buy from, pick what is important to you.

Buying a laptop sound card can greatly enhance the performance of your machine in terms of audio output. However if you do not follow these considerations, then you may not be able to get exactly what you want or need. Be careful as to when, where, and what to buy to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Laptop hard disk storage maintenance for the re

Computer hard drive as the main way of working mechanical movement of components, and the most easily damaged parts. Its protection should be extra attention.

Although the seismic performance of notebook hard drives than Apple A1189 battery hard drive is much better, but after all its principles and desktop hard disk is the same. Head arm in the 54OOrpm (Note: rmP for the hard disk spindle motor rotation per minute number, the higher the speed the greater the internal transfer rate) or even higher speed of the disc drifting across, sudden impact, or even a small shock can result in serious consequences. Many notebook manufacturers also strengthened through the protective pad and the hard drive bracket to reduce the impact may be. But this does not mean that you can hold in a notebook computer to read and write the state’s move to remove easily.

We all know that the loss caused by damage to the hard disk is damaged in the greatest of all hardware, and sometimes can be devastating. So those who transport violent turbulence also bored with the notebook to watch movies, play games play it cool family was tantamount to asking for trouble. Advise the majority of laptop users frequently try not to read and write operations on your hard drive when the mobile computer, and to gently. This will maximize the protection of your hard drive, thereby protecting your important data. For important data on it, we recommend that you regularly use an external storage means (such as U disk, DVD, tape storage, external hard drive or network drive) for backup, in order to ensure that critical moment to save important data.

Automatically shut down the hard disk

Like with the LCD, you can also carried out in the Power management options related to the Shezhi to make hard drive is not operating time of Nei Yi Ding automatically, so that certain cells in addition to Jiesheng Dianliyiwai Huan Zhang Shijian can Youxiao the reduction of hard disk spin Zaocheng of Jixie wear .

Hard disk optimization

With the speed upgrade other parts, hard drives have become the biggest constraint the performance bottleneck in laptop, desktop hard drives have been transferred into the million times, but the mainstream notebook hard drive 5400 Department also played Akira, high-end machines, but also 7200. Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the bottleneck at this rate the impact on user applications, in addition to good performance optimization software to set outside, as far as possible the procedure will be used to install the system partition, because the more rearward hard disk partition, read the disk speed on become the more slowly, if account was also put such a program like Photoshop is by following the partition, is undoubtedly worse. May wish to specifically ceded a Dell Inspiron 500m battery area, the operating system and some programs are pointing to that partition cache to go, this can reduce the excessive amount of debris in the system partition on the velocity. If the memory is large enough (1G or more) can go to the online search to the virtual hard drive with memory, a small software ramdisk. Its role is self-evident, that it is used after the magic of the.

Hard drive tips

Do not know if you have not noticed, some laptop hard drives often go wrong, and some people drive very long time, not worked well. You may find it very strange, same brand, same model of notebook computers, different people use, the life of the hard disk is not the same, to not understand it? In fact, the hard life of the usual length of the main usage by the user decide, here are a few tips to note:

1. Minimize the number of hard disk reading and writing tasks in parallel start: this way will make the operating system on the hard drive head moving arm frequent scheduling, speed up the aging of the motor heads, long time head will easily go wrong. The most common failure is the continuing issue at boot time carbazole carbazole Rights Rights of sound, then is not recognize the hard disk. Must pay attention, try not to start multiple simultaneous read and write operations, carried out just once and then the next operation.

2. Disk optimizing operation: if necessary, format the hard disk operations, heavy equipment systems, and disk order. The operation is good for the hard disk, enabling orderly files on the hard disk to rearrange. When the file access time can be found more quickly, so increase the efficiency and addressing the hard disk, reducing head movement. In addition, computer systems can also speed up the process reloading the operating speed. As the Defrag program can only order that can HP pavilion dv9000 battery the file occupied areas, but some can not move system files can not be occupied by the regional order, and re-install the entire system can rearrange boot files, this can get better results than the disk order.

Of course, the disk order, the industry is also controversial. Some view that Defrag will also speed up disk aging, because the disk drive read and write order is a frequent operation. In fact, the disk order is certainly beneficial, but only if the hard drive has had enough of file fragments.

3. Hard work as much as possible under low temperature: When the hard work of the internal above a certain temperature, will be as high temperature deformation. This time may result in increased friction disc on the motor issues, will also increase the chance of hard drive errors.

Tips on the hard drive there are many, in fact, here is usually more common for some of the error to correct use, careful user may also find more tips, all in all, you use the more carefully, laptops on will be more stable for you.
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Benefits of a Laptop Sunshade

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Laptops are very much in use in areas of the outside environment where glare and sunlight make viewing a screen very difficult mostly due to issues of screen-wash-out. The laptop sunshade is able to block many of the visual impediments, while it also increases the contrast of the screen and you are assured that the eyestrain will be dealt with, with the Computer Vision Syndrome well controlled.

The sunshade also offer viewing privacy mostly required for those laptops most individuals are using in public areas. In other words, if you have a laptop you are always taking with you in the outdoor surroundings where the sunlight is intense surely the laptop sunshade will come handy. The patented laptop sunscreen design is also able to be folded closed and still stand attached to the laptop, meaning that it is always around whenever you want its services. The sun-hood allows one to easily close and open the laptop, while the hood still folded remains evenly attached towards the lid’s back. In fact, the universal notebook or some very formidable strength comes with the notebook hood, such as the universality elements, meaning that it is able to fit all types of laptops within the 11 to 17 inch models.

Towards reduction of glare, a depth of 9 inches by 8.5 inch in height kind of viewing tunnel is formed towards the reduction of glare. In addition, you do not have to worry about the material since it is made of an indestructible material and ultra-light (polyethylene), meaning that the laptop is well protected. The laptop sunshade is of a low profile and since it is also very thin, the laptop dully fits within the case and you will only have to insert it once while the opening and closing is only done in a couple of seconds. The attachment is even one of a kind, where the Velcro fastener and pre-installed strips give the sunshade a quality of easy removal from the notebook or laptop if that is your choice.

The material that forms the laptop sunscreen hood is very unique in that apart from being ultra lightweight and a polyethylene of the highest density, it is durable in a very intense manner and a type of synthetic material able to block 100 percent of all light transmissions. For those looking for some unique laptop sunshade they have a very unique and better solution that easily eliminates the outdoor glare on the laptop screen and generally a must have for outdoor enthusiasts and those wishing to work outside and enjoy the sun while working safely, not only for their eyes but also for privacy cases. Understand you can easily get a lightweight material made of polyethylene weighing very less, at seven ounces, one that forms only a nine-inch type of depth in the viewing tunnel once opened, ending up improving the screen visibility.

If you have a laptop of 12-17 inch size widescreen, be sure that the laptop sunshield will be able to fit. At the same time, you will be blocked from 100 percent light coming from above as well as from the 2 sides. In addition, the installation process is very easy and does not change the form of the laptop and dully folds flat anytime the hood is not in use. In fact, you can have the laptop sunshade still remain attached but in case you feel otherwise, detachment is quite easy. The hood is ideal for any type of laptop, thus universal fit. The most important thing is that free shipping is available but one has to check whether this is possible in their respective region.

When you fee that your eyesight are getting the full throttle of the ultraviolet light and you cannot work in sunlight as you would desire, know that laptop sunshade come handy for just anyone. The only thing you need is to understand what you are looking for and where to check it. You should look for the kind of hood able to cover the laptop or notebook from the light of the sun and glare, while making sure the Computer Vision Syndrome, commonly known as CVS, is kept at bay and controlled.

It is very important to know that privacy is also important, more so in this age of identity theft and a lot of information theft and espionage. You just do not know whom is the individual keenly searching for the earliest chance to pounce on your information. You will be the only one viewing the laptop and enjoying a laptop sunshield of your own choice. You should know that they also come customized, in terms of size, hue and in other specifications you might want added.

What to Look for in a Laptop Sunshield

Ok, this seems like an dumb question at first. I know that before I got my first sunshade for my Macbook Pro, I would have laughed at such a silly headline.
So here’s my list now.


Ok, yes. But after trying 3 different models over the last 3 years, I found there are some other “little details” that you don’t think about at first, but have a big impact in how useful the shade actually is. So here’s some of those:

  • Is it fast and convenient to setup? At first, you think that 30 seconds or a minute to setup on your laptop is no big deal. But if you’re like me, after a while you have a vague dread of that little extra hassle to the point where I found myself just working in the shade. (I also don’t like to make my bed everyday, so maybe it’s just me)
  • Is it easy to use once in place? The Hoodman shade does an incredible job of blocking all ambient light from all directions. But it also is a huge pain to use, as it leaves a little tunnel to peer through. I use my Laptop ON MY LAP, and the tent just isn’t convenient to sit on my lap. And, it is difficult to get the angle just right so the sides and top of the tent don’t block my view. It actually has much more shade that necessary. I think it was probably needed when they first designed it 5-10 years ago, as laptop screens weren’t nearly as bright as they are today. But now, I find it has 3 times as much material on the sides as needed and is just a hassle.
  • Is it “Cool”? By this I mean, does it help keep you laptop cool, or contribute to overheating. I LOVE my Macbook Pro, but the early models did have more overheating issues that the current ones, or other models for that matter. I found some of the huge tent like shades actually trap the heat and make the problem worse, so that I had to use an icebag under my laptop to keep it from overheating. You need airflow around your laptop, so if you plan on using your laptop outside when it’s 75 or higher, avoid the big tent like shades
  • Is it “Cool”? No, this isn’t a mistake, but a separate question from above. This time, I’m not referring to tempature. Most of the time, I use my laptop sunshade while working in my back yard – I love working and home and not being in cubicle world, and even more being able to enjoy the great weather in California bay area. But I also travel quite a bit for pleasure and like to use my laptop out by the pool, and a sunshade really comes in handy then. But ALL the sunshades I tried were pretty high on the dork-o-meter. NOT COOL.
  • Does it travel well? Some of those I tried previously were pretty easy to fold up and didn’t take up any space in the laptop bag – the ubiquitious Compushade being the obvious choice here. But others, like the Hoodman were such a hassle breaking down and folding up to fit in the bag
  • Is it durable? Of the older shades on the market, again, the Compushade came out on top here also – at first. The Hoodman has numerous attachments and connecting points that break after 6 months or so, while the Compushade lasted about 18 months before the Velcro closures starting losing their grip. It still worked, mostly, for another few months before I had to buy another one.
  • Is the price right? To be honest, this really wasn’t so important for me, as ALL the different models of shades, visors, screens or whatever you want to call them were all priced from $29 to $69, so really not a big factor. Frankly, I would pay more if there was a custom model that did everything I needed and was made just for my laptop, instead of those 
  • Does it work in a coffee shop, or on an airplane? This is kinda related to “Is it Cool” and “Is it Convenient” questions above. I sometime work in a coffee shop, and would never dream of opening up the huge tent (I mean Hoodman), or Compushade, but it would be nice to have a smaller shade to cut down on the glare, and keep nosy neighbors from peering at my work

Ok, I’ve told you some of the things that I found to be important factors for my needs in a Laptop Sunshade. Hopefully they will help you to make a better decision in your search. If you’re not in a hurry, you can check back here next week and I will have some pictures of the solution I came up with and have been using for the last 6 months.
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Search Engine Optimization: A New Era In Manufacturing

7:56 AM
Industrial manufacturers face steep hills to climb in the world of websites and search engine optimization. This market is extremely competitive, but minimally saturated in terms of internet marketing. Many manufacturers have neglected their websites, and have not invested in internet marketing. This is proving to be a lethal mistake in this industry, and a trend of improving this has begun.

There are a very select few in the manufacturing industry that have invested time and resources into taking over the online market. Many of these companies are international companies using “black hat” SEO and spamming the World Wide Web. Thankfully Google’s latest release will start picking off these spammers one by one and “white hat” companies (companies doing things the right way), will be the only ones left!

In a time where Google is a household name, and the phone book is something that “used to be,” internet marketing is now the most important tool in sales and marketing. As I said, very few have realized this so far, and there has now been a sense of urgency placed on this. I can’t tell you how many businesses I come across that tell me their websites don’t give leads. Even better is when I hear “nobody looks at our website unless we tell them to.” There’s a reason for that, and it’s not because nobody cares! I can’t say that this issue is laziness or lack of ambition; I think we have run up against generational differences.

In an industry that has been flooded with baby boomers for the last 30+ years, we are now starting to see generation Y taking positions within these manufacturing companies. With gen Y comes technology, and with technology comes Google. So now instead of the purchasing department looking through their Rolodex, they are getting on Google and searching for what they need. Yes, I just referenced the Rolodex! Every day we see these generational differences amongst employees, but now we are seeing an evolution in the way the manufacturing industry does business.

So what now? Well first thing is to do some research using your keywords to find out who the key players are online. Don’t try and find every single keyword relative to manufacturing. It will make you look like a spammer. Find the keywords that are directly related to your business, and the products that you sell. You can do this yourself, or you can have a SEO company do a SEO analysis for you. Either way you need to determine the keywords that people would use to find your products. Once you have the first step down you can begin working with an SEO company to truly get your business online!

When do I see results? Results can come in as little as six weeks, or as late as twelve weeks. It truly depends on the competitiveness of the market. Though results may be slow to start, I am confident that when working with a good SEO company a 100% return on investment will be seen within the first year.

How much does SEO cost? The investment is really dependent on the aggressiveness of the campaign, and how competitive the market is. No matter what there should be an initial cost for setting the SEO campaign up, and a monthly cost to maintain. Don’t fall for those SEO gimmicks that say they will optimize your site for a one-time fee of $995. They are a ploy, and chances are they are the black-hat spammers. SEO is truly a “get what you pay for” service. The most basic of campaigns for a nationwide reach should run about $2000 initially and somewhere around $200/month. A good median for a nationwide campaign should be around $3500 initially and somewhere around $350/month. If you want the Cadillac of SEO you could pay in upwards of $10,000 initially, and $1500/month! These numbers are based on a nationwide reach. Regional and even local campaigns would be much less, but manufacturing companies tend to have a national if not global reach.

I know this a lot of information to chew on, but you don’t have much time to digest. Every month more and more manufacturing companies are getting in on the ground floor of SEO, and you cannot afford to wait any longer. Building your growth before your competitors do is the key to making sure that you are #1 in the rankings, not them.  Don’t waste any more time, contact someone!
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Top 5 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips Must Know

5:00 AM
Whatsapp: – 

The world’s best and most popular chat messenger app from Facebook.Inc – We all knew many other applications from different sources although, we me and every one of us stick for using Whatapp Messenger but why? Due to is independent platform ability, best user interface and easiness.

Due to its increase in popularity the firm released Whatsapp for PC version for people not having Smartphone, by this mean anybody can have full access to use Whatsapp in all platforms.

Today, we here at our Tech Blog would like to discuss about Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips  – Without wasting much let’s get started – WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.

Many are searching for Whatsapp Tricks and Tips – However the volume of search for best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips is increasing daily. So we decided to write detailed post on best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

As Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, there were several changes made to transform its interface, speed of access and specially to increase security.

Like – If you would like to hide Last Seen feature muted then you can simple go to Setting Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Select Nobody.

Did You Lost Any Personal Messages Deleted From Whatsapp?

No worries!! Now everything features of whatsapp is upgraded or predefined – Once you lost all your messages you can either backup or can simply get it back by going in to your SD Card > Whatapp > Messages.

Protect your WhatsApp with Password

If you are having personal messages, aren’t allowed anyone to stare at your messages then here we have an awesome application that locks your whatsapp screen unless you swipe with pattern.

To get Whatsapp Lock for your handset here’s a direct link: Whatsapp Lock from Google Play Store. Here you have two options to from whatsapp like Numeric and Patten lock.

Switch Off Automatic Media Downloading

Yes!! From now you can disable or enable Automatic Media Downloading as per your requirement.

To do so go to Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download

How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages to another Handset?

If you are using Symbion Mobile, it is having all your previous Whatsapp messages and now you bought new Smartphone, therefore you would like to transfer all messages to new Smartphone then here’s a simple step to migrate.
  • From your old mobile go to File Manager > WhatsApp > Data bases.
  • After that Copy and transfer all backups to PC (by means of Application or USB)
  • Now, Install WhatsApp in your new handset and put the copied files in the similar place.
  • Now, Restart your handset or restart your WhatsApp.
  • Finish!! From now you can have same feeling as you had in the last conversion.

How to hide two images as one on WhatsApp?

If you are Android or iPhone user and are looking to hide images on Whatsapp then here an amazing app that can hide two images as one on WhatsApp.

Right now this app is available for iPhone users only – Fhumb App for iPhone.
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Use Couponzdeal To Get Maximum Rebates In Online Shopping

4:30 AM
Shopping has turned into a financial plan buster for individuals influenced by the draining economy. However, getting scanted of cash powers clients to wind up capable in broadening their financial plan by chasing down cash sparing plans. Also among a few retreat busting ways – special codes, rebate vouchers, and coupon codes are restricted for pleasant money backs on any sort of on the internet shopping. Utilizing markdown vouchers, further minimizes recorded cost as well as helps customer to enhance their accounts. Since sparing of cash before the end of the week, month or year, it is no short of what a gift to acquire a legitimate markdown voucher like Couponz Deal Coupon Code and use it to have the capacity to beat the credit crunch.


Need For Discount Coupons In Online Business

Online business has globalization the way in which the business and deals is carried out; the measure of target business sector found in a shopping center is short of what even one tenth of that when you have a site on the web. Having a site online is no more restricted to purchasers arriving at you; you as an issue holder will connect with the worldwide shopping group. This is an alternate reason behind why your business will blast; you will get more leads; and you will secure top of the line benefits. As a reason Couponzdeal will go about as cherry on the cake and can even turn into an element in joining your deals now and again, particularly amid celebration seasons.

Couponz Deal: A Biggest Competitor In Online Community Of Coupon Deals

Among dependable markdown sites,Couponz Deal emerges for bringing a different legitimate limited time codes for a differing exhibit of items from both neighbourhood and universal online outlets. Considering in-your-face budgetary system alongside holding on the grounds that a growing inclination of molding diminishing individual inclination, Couponzdeal.in is among the best coupons offering online store – can make shopping less troublesome alongside modest to its purchasers by offering different lower value vouchers. Envision a thing by customer gadgets to auto additional parts, gems to gear, outfits to tennis shoes, exercise supplies to restorative cosmetics items or item’s, tools for the kitchen to build-it-yourself systems, games to shows or possibly style to cultivating – you can discover an couponzdeal coupons for it; empowering you to deal with your financial plan.

Online Community Flooded With Coupon Deals

In spite of the fact that Internet is overflowed with coupon code sites or pages offering markdown vouchers for items and products of everyday use; then again, there are just a few sites that are posting rebates on practically all that you could covet. Furthermore Couponzdeal is one best shop that you must depend on for better than average reserve funds on your sought items or things. Shopper sidestepping full-rate for the required items may lounge in the joy of utilizing couponzdeal coupon codes while checking the site for economical buys. These minimal expenditure sparing codes are singularly implied for customers to force off eminent rebates.

Thinking about how to search for Couponz Deal Coupon Codes and profit rebates? It is so straightforward and simple, simply sort the sought item title took after by a “coupon code” keyword into the online inquiry box and assuredly you will be demonstrated a rundown of related promo codes. At that point get a coupon code and enter this coupon code into a particular field while looking at. This may be deducting a certain sum from the aggregate full offering value and recalculate another aggregate expense for you to pay. Suffice the thing to say which picking a legitimate coupon code needs to be dealt with. Indeed, in this way, rebate sum may differ from cost and items relying on interest and supply.
Use Couponzdeal To Get Maximum Rebates In Online Shopping Use Couponzdeal To Get Maximum Rebates In Online Shopping Reviewed by Rajesh Kumar on 4:30 AM Rating: 5
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