Top 5 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips Must Know

Whatsapp: – 

The world’s best and most popular chat messenger app from Facebook.Inc – We all knew many other applications from different sources although, we me and every one of us stick for using Whatapp Messenger but why? Due to is independent platform ability, best user interface and easiness.

Due to its increase in popularity the firm released Whatsapp for PC version for people not having Smartphone, by this mean anybody can have full access to use Whatsapp in all platforms.

Today, we here at our Tech Blog would like to discuss about Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips  – Without wasting much let’s get started – WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.

Many are searching for Whatsapp Tricks and Tips – However the volume of search for best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips is increasing daily. So we decided to write detailed post on best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips.

Top 5 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips

As Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, there were several changes made to transform its interface, speed of access and specially to increase security.

Like – If you would like to hide Last Seen feature muted then you can simple go to Setting Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Select Nobody.

Did You Lost Any Personal Messages Deleted From Whatsapp?

No worries!! Now everything features of whatsapp is upgraded or predefined – Once you lost all your messages you can either backup or can simply get it back by going in to your SD Card > Whatapp > Messages.

Protect your WhatsApp with Password

If you are having personal messages, aren’t allowed anyone to stare at your messages then here we have an awesome application that locks your whatsapp screen unless you swipe with pattern.

To get Whatsapp Lock for your handset here’s a direct link: Whatsapp Lock from Google Play Store. Here you have two options to from whatsapp like Numeric and Patten lock.

Switch Off Automatic Media Downloading

Yes!! From now you can disable or enable Automatic Media Downloading as per your requirement.

To do so go to Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download

How to Transfer Whatsapp Messages to another Handset?

If you are using Symbion Mobile, it is having all your previous Whatsapp messages and now you bought new Smartphone, therefore you would like to transfer all messages to new Smartphone then here’s a simple step to migrate.
  • From your old mobile go to File Manager > WhatsApp > Data bases.
  • After that Copy and transfer all backups to PC (by means of Application or USB)
  • Now, Install WhatsApp in your new handset and put the copied files in the similar place.
  • Now, Restart your handset or restart your WhatsApp.
  • Finish!! From now you can have same feeling as you had in the last conversion.

How to hide two images as one on WhatsApp?

If you are Android or iPhone user and are looking to hide images on Whatsapp then here an amazing app that can hide two images as one on WhatsApp.

Right now this app is available for iPhone users only – Fhumb App for iPhone.
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