Benefits of a Laptop Sunshade

Laptops are very much in use in areas of the outside environment where glare and sunlight make viewing a screen very difficult mostly due to issues of screen-wash-out. The laptop sunshade is able to block many of the visual impediments, while it also increases the contrast of the screen and you are assured that the eyestrain will be dealt with, with the Computer Vision Syndrome well controlled.

The sunshade also offer viewing privacy mostly required for those laptops most individuals are using in public areas. In other words, if you have a laptop you are always taking with you in the outdoor surroundings where the sunlight is intense surely the laptop sunshade will come handy. The patented laptop sunscreen design is also able to be folded closed and still stand attached to the laptop, meaning that it is always around whenever you want its services. The sun-hood allows one to easily close and open the laptop, while the hood still folded remains evenly attached towards the lid’s back. In fact, the universal notebook or some very formidable strength comes with the notebook hood, such as the universality elements, meaning that it is able to fit all types of laptops within the 11 to 17 inch models.

Towards reduction of glare, a depth of 9 inches by 8.5 inch in height kind of viewing tunnel is formed towards the reduction of glare. In addition, you do not have to worry about the material since it is made of an indestructible material and ultra-light (polyethylene), meaning that the laptop is well protected. The laptop sunshade is of a low profile and since it is also very thin, the laptop dully fits within the case and you will only have to insert it once while the opening and closing is only done in a couple of seconds. The attachment is even one of a kind, where the Velcro fastener and pre-installed strips give the sunshade a quality of easy removal from the notebook or laptop if that is your choice.

The material that forms the laptop sunscreen hood is very unique in that apart from being ultra lightweight and a polyethylene of the highest density, it is durable in a very intense manner and a type of synthetic material able to block 100 percent of all light transmissions. For those looking for some unique laptop sunshade they have a very unique and better solution that easily eliminates the outdoor glare on the laptop screen and generally a must have for outdoor enthusiasts and those wishing to work outside and enjoy the sun while working safely, not only for their eyes but also for privacy cases. Understand you can easily get a lightweight material made of polyethylene weighing very less, at seven ounces, one that forms only a nine-inch type of depth in the viewing tunnel once opened, ending up improving the screen visibility.

If you have a laptop of 12-17 inch size widescreen, be sure that the laptop sunshield will be able to fit. At the same time, you will be blocked from 100 percent light coming from above as well as from the 2 sides. In addition, the installation process is very easy and does not change the form of the laptop and dully folds flat anytime the hood is not in use. In fact, you can have the laptop sunshade still remain attached but in case you feel otherwise, detachment is quite easy. The hood is ideal for any type of laptop, thus universal fit. The most important thing is that free shipping is available but one has to check whether this is possible in their respective region.

When you fee that your eyesight are getting the full throttle of the ultraviolet light and you cannot work in sunlight as you would desire, know that laptop sunshade come handy for just anyone. The only thing you need is to understand what you are looking for and where to check it. You should look for the kind of hood able to cover the laptop or notebook from the light of the sun and glare, while making sure the Computer Vision Syndrome, commonly known as CVS, is kept at bay and controlled.

It is very important to know that privacy is also important, more so in this age of identity theft and a lot of information theft and espionage. You just do not know whom is the individual keenly searching for the earliest chance to pounce on your information. You will be the only one viewing the laptop and enjoying a laptop sunshield of your own choice. You should know that they also come customized, in terms of size, hue and in other specifications you might want added.

What to Look for in a Laptop Sunshield

Ok, this seems like an dumb question at first. I know that before I got my first sunshade for my Macbook Pro, I would have laughed at such a silly headline.
So here’s my list now.


Ok, yes. But after trying 3 different models over the last 3 years, I found there are some other “little details” that you don’t think about at first, but have a big impact in how useful the shade actually is. So here’s some of those:

  • Is it fast and convenient to setup? At first, you think that 30 seconds or a minute to setup on your laptop is no big deal. But if you’re like me, after a while you have a vague dread of that little extra hassle to the point where I found myself just working in the shade. (I also don’t like to make my bed everyday, so maybe it’s just me)
  • Is it easy to use once in place? The Hoodman shade does an incredible job of blocking all ambient light from all directions. But it also is a huge pain to use, as it leaves a little tunnel to peer through. I use my Laptop ON MY LAP, and the tent just isn’t convenient to sit on my lap. And, it is difficult to get the angle just right so the sides and top of the tent don’t block my view. It actually has much more shade that necessary. I think it was probably needed when they first designed it 5-10 years ago, as laptop screens weren’t nearly as bright as they are today. But now, I find it has 3 times as much material on the sides as needed and is just a hassle.
  • Is it “Cool”? By this I mean, does it help keep you laptop cool, or contribute to overheating. I LOVE my Macbook Pro, but the early models did have more overheating issues that the current ones, or other models for that matter. I found some of the huge tent like shades actually trap the heat and make the problem worse, so that I had to use an icebag under my laptop to keep it from overheating. You need airflow around your laptop, so if you plan on using your laptop outside when it’s 75 or higher, avoid the big tent like shades
  • Is it “Cool”? No, this isn’t a mistake, but a separate question from above. This time, I’m not referring to tempature. Most of the time, I use my laptop sunshade while working in my back yard – I love working and home and not being in cubicle world, and even more being able to enjoy the great weather in California bay area. But I also travel quite a bit for pleasure and like to use my laptop out by the pool, and a sunshade really comes in handy then. But ALL the sunshades I tried were pretty high on the dork-o-meter. NOT COOL.
  • Does it travel well? Some of those I tried previously were pretty easy to fold up and didn’t take up any space in the laptop bag – the ubiquitious Compushade being the obvious choice here. But others, like the Hoodman were such a hassle breaking down and folding up to fit in the bag
  • Is it durable? Of the older shades on the market, again, the Compushade came out on top here also – at first. The Hoodman has numerous attachments and connecting points that break after 6 months or so, while the Compushade lasted about 18 months before the Velcro closures starting losing their grip. It still worked, mostly, for another few months before I had to buy another one.
  • Is the price right? To be honest, this really wasn’t so important for me, as ALL the different models of shades, visors, screens or whatever you want to call them were all priced from $29 to $69, so really not a big factor. Frankly, I would pay more if there was a custom model that did everything I needed and was made just for my laptop, instead of those 
  • Does it work in a coffee shop, or on an airplane? This is kinda related to “Is it Cool” and “Is it Convenient” questions above. I sometime work in a coffee shop, and would never dream of opening up the huge tent (I mean Hoodman), or Compushade, but it would be nice to have a smaller shade to cut down on the glare, and keep nosy neighbors from peering at my work

Ok, I’ve told you some of the things that I found to be important factors for my needs in a Laptop Sunshade. Hopefully they will help you to make a better decision in your search. If you’re not in a hurry, you can check back here next week and I will have some pictures of the solution I came up with and have been using for the last 6 months.
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